Long Distance Moving in Castle Rock, CO

Are you moving somewhere? Is it far? Well, don’t worry about it! All your stuff can be moved with ease and care thanks to long-distance moving companies.
These companies provide moving trucks that will get your things from Point A to Point B without breaking anything! All you have to do is packing up all the essentials, and they’ll haul it anywhere you want!

According to more than one survey done by move.org, Castle Rock falls in the Top 20 Most Affordable (Yet beautiful) Cities in the United States. It’s a city with a lot to offer! And there is no shortage of moving companies in Castle Rock.

Several companies are catering to storage, short-distance, and long-distance moving located in Castle Rock, CO. It’s truly impossible to say which one is the best as the results vary depending on the source. However, there is no need to worry! All companies provide excellent services. Clients can make their decisions based on what they feel will fit their needs most. The various choices allow for better decision-making.

But, with all these choices, it could also be quite tricky to find the right company for you. But worry not! With a bit of information, Pro movers can guide you in making the right decision. Do you need a long-distance moving company? Or is it a storage company you’re looking for? How exactly do you know when your move will be considered long distance? These might be some of the moving-related questions you have inside your head. And we’re going to do our best to answer these questions.

What is Considered a Long-Distance Move?

You need to determine is if you need the services offered by cross-country moving companies. To determine that, you’re going to need to look at some numbers. When your move is more than or over 400 miles, then this is a long-distance move. Any lesser than that will already be considered a local move. Long-distance moves are also called cross-country moves or interstate moves.

Now that you’ve determined that you need a long-distance move, you can start preparing for the process. While movers help lessen your concerns during the journey to your new home, there are also some things you need to accomplish.

How to Plan Your Long-Distance Move?

You need to do only two things before letting those movers come and haul off your items, but these two things are essential.

First, pack your things.

Movers are there to help you, but their job is transferring your things. They won’t be with you on the days that you’re packing, so this responsibility falls solely on you (and your family). So make sure you pack up everything correctly. This means wrapping up fragile objects such as drinking glasses, plates, or decorative materials. Sometimes, a movie isn’t always a smooth journey, and you want all your things to remain safe. If something gets broken, don’t blame the movers! They can’t keep track of things while they’re driving, so you have to be the one to make sure they’re secure before the move.

Second, get some insurance!

No matter how careful you (or your movers) are, accidents still happen. So it’s always better to be prepared. Some moving companies will even recommend certain insurance companies that they work with, so again, you have less work on your hands. All your van to do is get your insurance processed.

How to Hire a Long Distance Mover?

There are simple steps (move on…) we need to follow when hiring a mover.

First: Choose what type of move you want to do.

For this part, it would be better to get the full- service. This means someone will be there to help you drive the moving truck instead of you having to go it yourself.

Second: Set a budget.

With the many options you have in moving companies, you’ll indeed find one that fits your budget. Some companies offer free estimates through in-home or virtual consultations.

Third: Do your research.

Suppose you’re reading this article, then good for you! You’re doing this step. It means you are searching for the right moving company for you!

Long Distance Moving Types

As we mentioned, the first step in hiring a long-distance mover is deciding what you’ll need for the move.

We’ve already talked about the complete service: you get a driver and a truck to help you move your things cross-country!

There is an option to get both movers and a storage container. If your new place doesn’t have the same space as your old one, you can always get a storage unit to store the less essential things.
Finally, there is the option to do truck rentals. For this option, you will be fully responsible for your things the whole way. So you pack them up, load them into the truck and drive them to your destination. Some people who trust only themselves in going their things might opt for this moving type.

There are a lot of things you want to consider when making a long-distance move. Luckily, some companies can offer you the services you’ll need plus free estimates to help you see if it meets your budget. One of these companies is Castle Rock Moving Group, a family-owned and locally operated company. Want to know the best part? They offer packing services too! Yes, that’s right. You don’t have to do packing alone after all! If you have any questions about cross-country moving or you want a free estimate, get in touch with them today!

John Brikertalli

John Brikertalli

John is a mover since he can't remember when. As a son to a family of movers, John has experience in all moving aspects. Contact us and ask John about your next move.

About Castle Rock, CO

Brief History

Castle Rock is in Douglas county. Historically, Castle Rock was home to the Cheyenne and Arapaho people. However, white settlers inhabited Castle Rock to search for gold, and the 1862 Homestead Act opened land. The settlers weren’t lucky in their gold discovery efforts but soon found another excellent reason to stay behind – rhyolite stone. The city was established in 1874 after the state redrew the Douglas County border.

Initial homesteaders of Castle Rock included cowboys, workers, and prospectors. The town’s growth can be attributed mainly to a new train depot bringing the Rio Grande and Denver railways to the areas. Castle Rock also had a vibrant quarrying industry. 

Things to do/attractions

Castle Rock has ample space and parks covering 27% of the town’s landmass (5,414 acres) that serve as attractions for individuals seeking adventure. Moreover, Castle rock has over 121 kilometers of paved trails and soft surfaces for added outdoor fun.

The city also hosts professional golf tournaments (such as PGA tour events) at the Castle Pine Village that attract golfers from all over the U.S. and beyond. Other attractions include a long-held Thanksgiving lighting event that dates back to 1936.

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